The New Zealand Restorative Justice Trust

Restorative Justice is a way of responding to offending and the effects of crime that makes the people affected by the crime the focus of the process.

Restorative Justice is a creative response to the trauma of crime. It’s processes recognise that victims have many needs which are not met in the current criminal justice system.

The Restorative Justice Trust was established in 1999 as a charitable trust to study, educate in and promote best practice in restorative justice both in New Zealand and internationally.

Among its objects are teaching Restorative Justice practice, designing and implementing Restorative Justice programmes and pilot schemes as well as encouraging independent evaluations of such pilots.

The object of this site is to encourage and assist those wanting to incorporate restorative justice practices into their organisation.

In 2009 our activities have included helping jurisdictions in the United Kingdom implement restorative programmes. We have also been consulted by prison authorities on the use of restorative justice within the prison community.

We have worked with large corporate organisations who wish to respond to workplace death and accidents using restorative justice processes.

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